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Fabulous colors for 2023 Magenta, Greens, Orange

jewel studded topaz jonquil cuff bracelet

Gorgeous jeweled micro-mosaic wearable art jewelry. Many pieces are hand sculpted original designs. Some are bezels full of jewels hand set one by one, pave style, while others are vintage items covered with a dazzling glass mosaic. Take a look…

micro mosaic hand sculpted heart pendant


Words Have Meaning

tree walking path along brook

Without End

He is our peace; he is our praise.
By his blood we are raised.

Born anew and saved by grace;
in due time, we’ll see his face.

His Spirit lives, our hearts healed;
in Christ’s love we are sealed.

Coming soon without delay;
the Son of God is on his way.

Take heed, these words are true.
Choose Jesus. He wants you.

You in him and he in you;
we are One living truth.

Man and God together again
in a world without end.

-Verdonna Westcott, 2022
Inspired by Ephesians
What the hell…

Isn’t it strange that when Jesus comes to heal people, a lot of them have demons.

Why does the Lord’s Prayer end with the line, “deliver us from evil?”

Before Jesus ascends to heaven why does he say, “in my name shall they cast out devils?”

Did you know, Jesus mentions hell in the Bible more than he mentions heaven?

Hell is everything we think it is, and a lot more… demons. The fortunate young man in this video came back to tell us about it.

Watch and weep. Weep for all your friends and loved ones who need to watch this, but won’t.


mosaic perfume bottle fan art deco verdonna westcott
mosaic shoe milk glass fenton style verdonna westcott

Stunning decorative jeweled mosaics created from vintage and antique glass items covered by hand with sparkling jewels and accents. Vases, perfume bottles, glass eggs, vanity jars, dishes and more. Beautiful one-of-a-kind treasures. Come and see…

jeweled antique milk glass egg easter Jesus

“Being filled with the Holy Spirit is the enlightenment my New Age friends and I were seeking.”

“…that loving soulmate our hearts desired.”

“Total bliss! Yes, in Jesus. I would have never believed it if…”

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